Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Success with workouts....but a Carrot Cake failure

I had no idea how hard it would be to blog daily! As you can probably guess by my obvious lack of daily posts! It’s not the desire…merely a time issue. If I could find a way to get over that hurdle, I would be able to get a lot more done, lol!

My life has been busy; getting back into working, and just everything else that seems to eat away at time so quickly! It seems I am always gasping at the clock; horrified by its ticking arms – intent on marching forward, with no thought of compassion for me.

I’ve got a lot of stuff going on in my head right now, as I am trying to get all my “adjustments” for my “Good day” list done by the end of this week. I will post about that sometime in the next 3 days or so. I am excited and feel very happy that I gave myself 2 weeks to work out my exact details….I need it!

My new workout DVD has been fun – tiring, but very fun. It’s often hard to find a good DVD where I feel challenged, but also don’t find it so difficult that I feel a bit discouraged. This seems to be a good mix, so I’m happy to have something to get my metabolism up and my energy up too ☺

I haven’t tried many new recipes of late, although I did have a FAIL of a recipe with a carrot cake made with spelt flour, almond milk, applesauce and agave. I was very disappointed with the result, but my husband enjoyed the catastrophe just fine, haha! He is encouraging in everything…even finds good in my failures! I don’t know what I did to deserve him!

Blessings to all,


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