Sunday, January 8, 2012

End of the Holidays!

Wow….how time flies :S I have had so many successes and appreciate the notes sent to me from my last post – THANKS! I have also had some slip-ups too (apparently I really am human…lol).

I think the best thing has been that I’ve had an absolutely delightful weekend enjoying the end of my Christmas break with my favourite person – my husband Isaac. We kind of “splurged” and enjoyed some lovely outings, Indian food at “Nirvana” restaurant (amazing décor and YUM food, by the way), seeing the movie “Tin Tin” (loved it!), and a lovely trip out to Banff (where we got to sample organic, no sugar Mexican hot chocolate with almond milk. Perfectly creamy, spicy delight! “Wild Flour Café” will see us back, for sure!

I had one good day and a couple days where I spent too much time “enjoying” and perhaps not quite enough time “being aware” ;) It’s been so wonderful to enjoy these last few days of holiday before the “real” January begins.

I’ve added a few new stretches to my regime and I’ve got a new “abs workout” dvd to try tomorrow. I’ve been really enjoying smoothies or juice in the mornings. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my first post, but I had read about drinking fresh smoothies and/or juice in the morning was many things; all very good! First of all, it seems that it’s easier on your body to digest blended up fruits and veggis first thing in the AM. Obviously, one can’t deny the benefits of the natural fibre, minerals and vitamins from this morning ritual and finally, aside from the energy one receives, it also can detoxify your body; helping set up your metabolism for the day and also aide in cutting cravings and assisting your body in desiring healthier food (less sugar especially). Anyways, this has been the easiest resolution to keep (probably due to its novelty, lol). I feel SO much better in the mornings and love trying new recipes. I took some pictures of these concoctions over the past couple days too.

Friday I tried a spin off of another Whole Living recipe “Beet Apple Mint Juice”. Again, this was meant for a juicer, so I modified it slightly to make it for the vitamix.

1 beet (including greens, if you wish…I kept half of them in the blender)
2 carrots
1 sweet apple
¼ cup fresh mint (squished as much into a quarter cup measuring cup)
1 cup water
½ cup ice

Blend until smooth. Strain through a cheesecloth and enjoy!! I found it a bit sweet from the apple (surprised me, actually!) but it was very good. The mint was the best. It felt so refreshing!

Saturday morning I made some gluten-free scones and a yummy mixture of yogurt, sugarsnap peas, a carrot and some red peppers…also some blueberries. It was very yummy. Message me if you want the recipe…I didn’t pay that much attention to it!

Sunday I made the carrot ginger grapefruit juice from Thursday again. I’ve attached pictures of this too (whoops! As promised on Thursday).

I hope and pray everyone reading this has a wonderful week, working hard towards bettering yourself! I look forward to getting into a better schedule now that I’m back to work. Isaac and I decided that we should try to not eat after 8 PM – adding it onto my list. I will try to post an updated list, as I’ve been working on it over the past few days and need to make some adjustments. I definitely need to get working on switching my numbers….lol…it needs to be the other way around!!! ☺

Blessings to all!


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