Sunday, January 15, 2012


Ok, so apparently the average life span of a New Year’s Resolution is less than 7 days. Whaaattt!!!??? You say….yah, sorry about that, but you and I have about as much chance of success as you do at learning to synchronize swim in the next 10 seconds. And as science predicted, I did find some definite hurdles to jump over in the first 7 days (much to my chagrin). January 1st seems so bright, fresh and crisp, it’s hard to get bogged down in the day to day routines of life…until January 2nd and then it all comes flooding back like the hippopotamus it is. You have meetings, work late, don’t work at all (full access to fridge and TV…which the latter, usually for some insane reason does not shout “exercise!” as often as it shouts “movie!”. Hmmmm. Must look into that more…), date nights, church, coffee…and who knows what else that can, if you let it, get you to slowly slide down the slippery slope of “just this once”. If you’re like me, this phrase is code for “do I really have to? Ever? I mean COME ON!!!”.

Mind you, I say all this after quite a good week. Overall I feel better and am pleased with the baby steps toward a healthier me. I’ve enjoyed freshly made juice and smoothies in the morning, homemade deliciousness, and of course, some days where the peanut butter chocolate cookies won out or I slept through my alarm and avoided working out. But, that my friends, is life. You can’t get around it. You aren’t always going to be perfect! ☺

Today I made my “famous” Coconut Curry Thai Soup. It’s a staple at our house, as a few other soups are too. Healthy and low cost are perhaps my favourite things about soup. Add all those heart-healthy veggis and top it off with some coconut milk…what’s not to love? (well, for me at least!). Today, the temperature slipped to something terrifying close to -23 C and I suddenly needed a warm, spicy, creamy pick-me-up like Thai Soup to really get this chilly day turned around. Especially since I had a run-in with gasoline and my jacket. ☹ I looked up some remedies to fix this smelly issue, and discovered one needs baby oil. Well, I didn’t have any baby oil, so I mixed two parts grapeseed oil with 1 part dish soap and 4 parts water. Soak for 10 seconds and voila! No more smell ☺ Now said jacket is in the washer and I will see if it is damage free from all this once it’s out. Apparently you should let it air dry due to any remaining fumes…no one wants a fire in the dryer!

So I’ve re-evaluated my New Year’s Resolution (as discussed last post) and here it is (bet the New Year’s Resolution “Negative Nancy’s” never thought of this, haha!):

1) A “Good” day shall consist of a minimum of 4 of the following listed below:

2) A day where I do ALL may wipe out a “bad” day and move it to the “good” day side (highly doubtful this will EVER happen, but thought a challenge might be a nice idea for me).

Physical activity for 30+ minutes

No sugar

No dairy (except organic, plain yogurt)

No wheat at all and no processed, white grains

5 servings of vegetables and fruit (preferably organic of course)

Lights out by 11 PM or earlier

No eating after 9 PM

No caffeine or alcohol

So yes, you can see I’ve done some adjustments ☺ I found the thought of doing ALL of this has been REALLY hard, so once I switched to aiming to do 4 or 5/day, I found it much more achievable, and often found I could get more (6 or 7). I would like to work into aiming for 6 minimum a day, but honestly, I’ve had some days where I almost resented it, which was a red flag that my perfectionism was kicking into high gear again.

I wish I could have kept the original list, but I am more grateful for the kindness I am showing myself by being flexible. Better is better no matter how you look at it, right!? I look forward to upping my good numbers now with goals that are apparently more achievable for me ;P

Good night all,


PS – Jacket appears to be A-OK. It isn’t completely dried, but no smell and no stain. YAY!

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