Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finding Balance

Finding balance seems to be what I’ve been striving for these past few weeks. As much as I am eager to try new things, keep my eating goals in check and work out regularly, I also need to give myself space to grow, explore and sometimes, simply the space for space’s sake!

I’m sure you can imagine that I’ve been very busy…which I have, but really, the real reason behind me not writing for so long was I felt overwhelmed by so many things (mostly good!!) happening in my life right now, that I needed some space; needed to allow myself the right to not be some sort of “perfect” blogger (my perfectionism told me there was such a thing, lol) and just wait until I was ready again.

One of the things keeping me busy is that we’re dog sitting for some friends. I don’t know why, but as much as I enjoy living in a small mansion, having two different places to call home can be a bit tiring. That being said, I am enjoying having some fuzzy creatures to keep me company. ☺

One of my favourite things about dogs is their ability to get me off my behind and outside for a walk. I am not very self-motivated, but put a dog or child in my care, and I almost can’t let a day go by without some lovely fresh air via a walk in the sunshine, snow, rain or whatever else the weather might throw at me.

On Monday it's my man's birthday...have been planning some secrets for the past couple weeks. Looking forward to some fun celebrations! I'll try to keep you posted! He's been asking for something that he has NO IDEA is within our budget, so I can't wait to give it to him :) :) :) lounging around this morning, I haven’t gotten to eating my breakfast yet…must do that. I’m thinking some organic plain yogurt with a sliced ataulfo mango….one of my favourite combinations!!

What are your "go to" breakfast(s)?

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