Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feeling better!

Wow…missed posting yesterday, but I must tell you all I am LOVING this journey so far! I love feeling proud of myself, no matter what my failures, and I’ve been having so many successes, that I just can’t feel bad! I’m sure it’s just a combo of more sleep, more raw fruits and veggis and, of course, exercise/stretching, but I am honestly really just “drinking up” all the good feelings in my body. It’s sure a lot easier to look at oneself in the mirror when you have so many things to be proud of, then when you stand there for 10 minutes, racking your brain for ONE thing to be remotely proud of (Way to go girl! You just ate that entire box of chocolates by yourself, WOOT!! :S)!!

Yesterday morning I started the day with Carrot/yogurt/lemon honey smoothie/juice. It wasn’t really very thick, but had that nice smoothness yogurt added, so I’m not entirely sure which name “smoothie” or “juice”, is really appropriate??? Maybe a jummie? LOL Here’s the basic ingredients:

Carrot “Creamsicle” Yogurt Smoothie (or Juice maybe?)
I used 4 carrots (mediumish)
½ cup yogurt
1 cup iced
1 cup water
2 Tbsp Beary Berry Lemon flavoured honey (made locally and to DIE for!)

Blend for 1-2+ minutes. This one takes longer, as the carrot fibre is super tough to break down. It was still a little “fiberous”, but very good. It looked like a creamsicle drink, as you can see here:

Yesterday I also made some slow-cooked beef for burritos (about 11/2 lbs of cheap cut steak with one chopped onion, 3 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed once, 1+ TBSP of dried red chili flakes…we love spice! And salt to flavour…probably 2-5 tsp, depending on your salt likes. Use sea or mineral though – NOT regular iodinized salt). This was ultra yummy served with sautéed mushrooms, peppers, refried beans and, of course, my favourite mango/peach/habanero salsa from Costco.

Today, I used the leftover beef for dinner….so good! Made mashed potatoes to die for (secret ingredient is EPICURE’s chicken boullion, but any natural or organic chicken boullion is good), with yogurt instead of milk….but I did sneak some butter in too ;) and steamed up some lovely asparagus. Wow. Amazing food that is all good for me (in moderation!)!

Isaac and I went for a lovely walk last night and I also got some stretching done too. Felt super good! It was also a day for taking down all the Christmas décor and our beloved “1st married tree” *tear*. Oh well! It does feel nice to feel less cluttered and have more space in our little love nest again!!

Till tomorrow!!


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